Meet Patricia (“Patti”) Hunter 

Candidate for Superior Court Judge

Although the first, and only, attorney in her family, Patti knew her calling was to be a lawyer from the time she was very young. To this day she loves the practice of law. As a prosecutor in the LA City Attorney's office, Patti spends nearly every working day in a courtroom and has prosecuted thousands of cases.  Patti is well regarded in the legal community and has earned many notable endorsements.  She serves the people of Los Angeles with the highest degree of intellect, integrity, and fairness.

Patti and her family have deep ties to Los Angeles. She and her husband of 32 years were both born, raised and have always lived in Los Angeles. Their three children live in Los Angeles.  Her husband just retired after a life-long career with a much loved Los Angeles Sports Organization.

Patti graduated from CSUN with a BA in English. She earned her JD, cum laude, from Loyola Law School, graduating in the top 2% of her class. Patti published as a staff member on Law Review and the following year became an editor.  Post law school, she had the honor of a prestigious federal law clerk position for United States District Court Judge Laughlin E. Waters. In this- capacity, she worked behind the scenes in federal court synthesizing court briefs, doing supplemental research, preparing draft opinions and making written recommendations for the Judge.  She watched and learned as experienced attorneys made their arguments and tried their cases, in both the civil and criminal context.

Patti’s legal career has been dedicated to justice and public service.  She has been with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office for over 28 years.  She prosecutes a wide range of cases including Domestic Violence, Violation of Restraining Order, Child Endangerment, Driving Under the Influence, Gun Violation, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Vandalism, and Theft. She is keenly aware that the cases she handles have an impact on safety and quality of life in the community.  For a time with the City, she was given the opportunity to expand her knowledge and legal practice representing the City in complex civil matters.  Ultimately her path came back to prosecuting, which is what she does today. 

Patti is dedicated to following the law in a just, fair, impartial and balanced way.  If elected judge, she will bring to the court not only the ability to interpret and apply the law, but also the experience and temperament needed on the bench.

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