"Patti Hunter is the consummate professional. Multi-talented, outstanding, smart, sharp--these are the words that come up when her name comes up. Patti was born to be a judge—incredible person and temperament. Good Judgment = Patti Hunter."

J.R.-  Prosecutor (Retired)


"It is with the utmost confidence that I support Patti Hunter running for Judge in Los Angeles County. I have been a criminal defense attorney for the past 20 years. It is in this capacity that I have come to know Patti Hunter. In all of my professional dealings with her, I have found her to be honest, hard-working and fair. However, it is from a much more personal story that I recommend Patti Hunter for a Judge. Patti Hunter has been a prosecutor for over twenty years. During those years, she has prosecuted innumerable domestic assault cases. In doing so, she has worked closely with many victims of domestic abuse facing the uncertainty of the criminal justice system in their family’s life. A dear friend of mine was one of those victims. In preparing for the criminal case against my friend’s husband, Patti spent endless hours providing support and encouragement in an effort to ensure that my friend and her two minor children would be ok and there would be light at the end of their horrific ordeal. Patti showed such care and compassion to my friend. In fact, my friend credits Patti Hunter with giving her the confidence and support she needed to finally leave her abusive spouse. Patti Hunter changed not only her life but the lives of her two daughters. So, for this reason and so many others, I highly recommend Patti Hunter for Los Angeles Superior Court Judge. "

- Alison Triessl, Attorney at Law


"I can’t imagine a candidate for judge that is better suited to serve us. Patti Hunter would make an outstanding judge. As a prosecutor she is always firm but fair. She has a wealth of litigation and trial experience."

- Mark Burton, Prosecutor (Retired); Former Mayor and City Councilperson Manhattan Beach

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